Not Your Traditional Union

Unions have been slow to re-invent themselves to reflect today's worker, and today's economy.

CWU believes that employees and employers should should work together to accomplish mutual goals and that the workplace encourages opportunity for input and feedback. Employees and their managers should be partners in providing high-quality work with a commitment to safety, creativity, and innovation. We also believe that this all can be accomplished without sacrificing the advancement of the employees' interests. We foster open dialogue between all parties and seek to find creative solutions to issues prior to having them become unhealthy or unproductive.

What We Believe

Strength and opportunity are found in cooperation.

The CWU takes pride in supporting and encouraging strong relationships between labour and management. Nowhere is this more true than in the construction sector where job opportunities are gained or lost on the basis of safety, productivity, and inefficiencies. Employees want to get along with all levels of management but they also want strong union representation that will advance their earning potential and opportunity for long-term employment in the industry. We believe that employees, employer, and union, all have a stake in the success of an enterprise and we're here to help build on this success.

Proudly Independent

We see every group of members and company they work within as unique. This means that every agreement is negotiated with the entire enterprise in mind.

We work hard to ensure that members receive competitive compensation packages while their employers can be successful in landing the next job. This balance is critical in providing job security in a competitive industry.




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